What's Important to Steve

I believe in the citizens of Jefferson County. Together, we can make Louisville the lawful city everyone deserves. To do that, I will stand firm to my values and will shape a new administration based on those values. Here’s what I hold most dear:


Over the past few years, I’ve watched our community continue to fracture. Under the current administration, politics, social issues, economic disparities, unbalanced policing, and lack of new employment opportunities, and an increase in violent crime have divided our community further. For a community to heal, it must start with the belief in our leaders and for our citizens to feel safe.

Over the past few years, the community has been clear about one thing: it does not believe in our current leadership. Between multiple different votes of no confidence from Metro Council, to the firings of many of our appointed leaders, to the social unrest last year, our community is fed up.

The Sheriff’s Office has always stood as one of the three prongs of law enforcement in Louisville, with LMPD and the Corrections Department. But the office has always been in the shadows of LMPD. Under the current administration, we have seen the largest increase in violent crime in our history. It has gotten so bad that the effects are spilling over to our schools and affecting our children. Our community needs to feel safe and for that to happen, all hands must be on deck.

Under my administration, I promise to bolster our department so that we can be equal in policing with LMPD. I believe in working with Metro Council, to use the Sheriff’s Office as a tool to make our schools and children safer. I will fight for better wages, training, and the recruitment of officers so that we can rebuild the reputation of the Department. I will step up patrols and enforcement through my office so that we can all finally feel safer at home. By electing me as Sheriff, you’ll be choosing a leader that you can trust, and I will do everything in my power to mend the divides in our community.


We can all disagree on any number of things, but what makes our country so great is the ability to openly discuss what we believe in and come to an understanding of others. Now, those discussions have become fewer and far less than before. With the rise of social media, people facelessly attack others without trying to understand where they are coming from, or work with them for substantive change. Many like to complain about a problem, few try to resolve it. That’s what accountability is about. I promise that instead of simply complaining about problems, my administration will do what it can to make changes that will positively impact our community and fix the problem.

The current administration needs to be held accountable for their actions. Under the current administration, the Sheriff’s Office became a haven for fired LMPD officers and institutional racism.

I understand the discrimination those in our community have endured. Early in my career, I experienced discrimination while employed at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office which was so pervasive that I felt I had to sue. A jury of my peers ruled in my favor that I had indeed experienced discrimination in 96-CI-02892. See link for more details: https://law.justia.com/cases/kentucky/court-of-appeals/2004/2002-ca-000229.html

Additionally, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office recently made national news when it came to light that the current Sheriff has continued to employ members of the Klu Klax Klan. See https://amp.courier-journal.com/amp/6281743001 and https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/6299072001 for more information.

This should not be happening in 2022! Individuals that allow discrimination in the workplace based on race, sex, religion, national origin, or gender must be held accountable for their actions. I am the only candidate who is willing to address the institutional racism in law enforcement and strive to change that system.

The current administration has had 24 years to change the institutional racism that exists in the Sheriff’s Office and has failed to do so. The current administration has failed to protect our children and has allowed for violent crime to increase year after year. The current administration has done nothing to incentivize new officers to come in and the current administration has done nothing to help our community heal. Accountability is on the ballot this election. We must hold them accountable for their failures. Vote for me this upcoming election and I promise to make the changes that the current administration failed to accomplish. I promise to continue to hold myself accountable to you for my actions because that’s what being a public servant means.


​Our community must move forward together. We have had the same person in power for 24 years. It is time for a change. Many people are afraid to move away from the status quo, but look at where the status quo has got us. The only way we will be able to change as a community is by electing a leader who is willing to change. The current administration had 24 years to make changes yet has continually failed. I will not become so entrenched that I miss the opportunity to make our community a better place. I believe that Louisville can become the model city for law enforcement in the country. I just ask for your vote and with it, the opportunity to prove myself.