Meet stephen

“Let’s Make History Together! There has never been an African American Sheriff in Jefferson County and I believe that I can change that.”

Stephen grew up in the West-End of Louisville. His experiences instilled the core values of community, respect, fairness, accountability, and the importance of family. Stephen is an avid believer in the arts and loves comedy. By promoting and experiencing local performers, Stephen became fast friends with many of them. As a result, Stephen has had the opportunity to be the bodyguard for many celebrities. In his early years in law enforcement, Stephen enjoyed wrestling in the Ohio Valley Wrestling league during his off time. Now, Stephen spends his off time raising a wonderful family with his wife, Jennifer Murzyn Yancey, and their son. His wife, Jennifer, has been a prosecutor in Jefferson County for over 10 years, which has allowed Stephen to see how other agencies handle cases and helped shape his outlook. In addition to Jennifer and their son, Stephen has two daughters, Symphony and Gabrielle. His family means the world to him. Finally, Stephen’s brother, Father Anthony Chandler, is a local and distinguished Catholic priest, having served for the past 33 years. Father Chandler is currently assigned to St. Francis of Assisi on Bardstown Road.

Stephen is a lifelong Democrat, following in the footsteps of his mother, Mildred Davis and his father, Clarence Yancey. His father has been very involved in politics. Clarence became one of the cornerstones of the Democratic Party after serving in the Army during the Korean War. Over his lifetime, Clarence has worked to help intercity children and progress the City of Louisville in the right direction. Stephen, out of great respect for his father, intends to follow in his footsteps, by helping Louisville’s youth to succeed and repairing the city that he loves. Stephen believes that by building a law enforcement agency that works to promote the community, not just punish, he can accomplish those goals. For over 28 years, Stephen worked in law enforcement to protect our community. His time at the Sheriff’s Office gave him first-hand knowledge of the flaws in our law enforcement agencies, and he dedicated himself to creating real solutions to those problems. Stephen believes doing whatever is necessary to rebuild the community’s faith in law enforcement that has been tarnished under the current administration.

Now is the right time to elect Stephen L. Yancey for Jefferson County Sheriff. He is the right person to bring honor and integrity back to the Sheriff’s Office. It is time to move away from the 1950’s mindset that is rampant in our current law enforcement systems. To do that, Stephen will eliminate the ‘good old boys’ system and the institutionalized racism which has plagued the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office since its inception and focus on creating a more inclusive office that reflects our diverse city. Stephen will create an agency that both our community and our law enforcement officers can be proud of.

To accomplish these goals, Stephen has a plan. To start, Stephen will create new community outreach programs targeting our youth to help prevent our growing number of violent crimes and homicides. He will work tirelessly to lobby for the deputies to be assigned back to our public schools, which will create a safe space for our children to learn by providing better mentoring and monitoring. No child should have to worry about their safety when going to school. Stephen also intends to create a traffic enforcement unit which will work tirelessly with Louisville Metro Police to reduce the number of fatalities on our roadways. Stephen then intends to expand the Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit to help cut down on the increased crime and violence that our community has been wrecked with over the past few years. Stephen will use his officers to crack down on gun violence and get guns off the street.

While all of these goals sound wonderful, Stephen recognizes that he cannot accomplish them without a good staff next to him. Currently, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is one of the lowest paying law enforcement agencies in the entire state and has very few new recruits. Stephen will fight ceaselessly to increase the wages of all deputies to be consistent with all other law enforcement agencies in Louisville. Stephen then plans to focus his efforts in recruiting new officers and training them to be effective and efficient in our community.

“With your support in May, I can achieve the goal of making the Sheriff’s Office a model agency for the entire nation. John F. Kennedy once said, ‘Today the eyes of all people are truly upon us—and our governments, in every branch, at every level, national, state and local, must be as a city upon a hill—constructed and inhabited by men aware of their great trust and their great responsibilities.’ Upon my leadership, Louisville can be that shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom and love for people everywhere. I’ve always fought for equality no matter the cost and will continue to do so if elected. This election is about accountability, it is about progress, it is about equity, and it is about making our community a better place. It is time for a change, it is time to feel pride in our law enforcement agencies, and I will make it happen because I am the best candidate to bring positive change to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

I humbly ask for your vote in May. Let’s make history together!


Vote Stephen L. Yancey for Sheriff.”

Stephen and his two daughters,
Symphony & gabrielle
Stephen's parents:
Clarence and mildred
Stephen's brother:
Father anthony chandler
Stephen and his family