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Vote Yancey for sheriff


                                    Let's make history together!

"I'm Stephen Yancey, and I humbly request your vote for Jefferson County Sheriff this upcoming election. Help me to become the first African American Sheriff in Louisville history!" 

As a life-long Louisvillian, Stephen grew up in the West-End with his dad, Clarence Yancey, and his mother, Mildred Davis, where he learned his core values of respect for other people and the law, always being good to people, and that the most important thing is being there for your community. 

To Stephen, his community is part of his family. Stephen dedicated his life to protecting and serving the people he cares about the most. After 28 years in law enforcement, Stephen knows the system and how to make it better. 

Stephen believes in dismantling the 'good-old-boys club' that has been engrained in law enforcement, only then can real substantive reforms occur. Stephen will establish new training programs, create better and more efficient community outreach programs, incentivize new recruits, and build trust between the community and his office. 

Our community needs a change. Stephen stood with both the peaceful protesters and law enforcement officers last year as social unrest swept our community. Stephen believes in the importance of peaceful protests in order to make systemic change, just as civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King and the late John Lewis. In the words of John Lewis, "a little good trouble" (peacefully protesting) makes a significant difference, but Stephen firmly believed that anyone who damaged our community should be held accountable for their actions. 

Louisville used to be acclaimed as having one of the most innovative and reformed policing organizations in the country, but under the old LMPD leadership and the current Sheriff's administration, look how far our community has fallen. Ineffective policing and the rise in crime can be blamed on the leadership that did nothing to change it. This election isn't about Stephen, it is about changing our community, protecting our families, and holding people accountable for their actions and inactions. 

Vote for Stephen L. Yancey for Jefferson County Sheriff, it is time for a better Louisville. 

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